Zagat’s Cruise Line Survey Is Flawed

Public relations people love surveys. If your client gets rated in the top five of anything positive, that automatically merits a press release. However, the problem is that PR folks tend not to look too closely at a survey if it’s positive toward a client. Why question the methodology or the sample pool — just write the release and get it out there. But sometimes it’s good to question a survey — especially one that is obviously flawed.

Zagat, the … Read the rest

Should We Trust User-Generated Travel Reviews?

So you need to book a hotel in another city. If you’re like most people, you look the property up online and read reviews written — ostensibly — by other regular folks just like you who have stayed there.

That scenario happens millions of times a day, but should we really trust the information that’s posted on a website?

Like everything else on the Internet, travel reviews should be consumed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Travel review sites like … Read the rest